Hi from the High Line & Chelsea Market

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I haven’t posted in 4 months (incomplete blogging from my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia oTL .. so much has happened) but still I see the steady little stream of viewers. Who are you people and why are you here..? jk plzdungo

Anyway the only thing better than recycling is upcycling, and what a great example of upcycled environmental and social design is the High Line! (And bravo to the clever and minimal logo~)

Running a little more than a couple kms, the abandoned raised railway tracks are now flora-filled walkways above the streets. Seats nestled in shaded coves are almost always habited by a lone reader or couple of lovebirds as tourists and New Yorkers alike amble along its length.

I loved walking along it for the unique perspective offered of the surrounding area as you head to Chelsea Markets. Although too hot for me to stop and look through my viewfinder much, many photographers and a film crew were likely getting interesting shots here and there. 10th Avenue Square is a nice area to sit if you enjoy street-stalking from a height.

My cousin and I walked most of it down to the Chelsea Market Passage where a few food and souvenir stalls operate, but save most of your money and stomach space for the markets where there are a whole mishmash of stalls and individual shops to spend it on!

And Japanese-Mexican fusion food – where have you been all my life? SYDNEY WE NEED DIS!!



P.S :: Man…..sorry about the gross post-processing. Just got Capture One 9 to convert all my RAW/ARW files and then too lazy to fix my botched-ass batch processed files ha


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