Hello from Hai Van Pass

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“You gotta do the Hai Van Pass. Sunset, if you can.”

Remember when I arrived to Da Nang and had no idea what to do? This is one of the first things I was recommended when I was chatting to people (traveling through Vietnam by motorbike, SO COOL) hanging out in the lounge of my hostel. The guys said it was one of the most famous and scenic roads in Vietnam, and that I had to see it on bike.

I’d soon establish that I shouldn’t be driving anything requiring coordination and balance lulz, and this is where Easy Riders came in! As previously blogged, they’re lifesavers for travellers like me who want to see A, B, and C, or wanna get from A to B without having to worry about driving, gas, maps, and (lack of) traffic laws. I was able to get these shots and videos from behind my biker and completely enjoy myself, worry-free! He came within 30mins of my hostel staff calling him up, and also stopped at a few vantage points along the way – definitely happy with the service!

I wasn’t able to see the sunset there (which I can imagine to be incredible on clear days) but I’m glad the sun was out though it was a little hazy. One of the guys said that when he drove up a couple days earlier it was completely misty and cloudy from passing rain, and it felt like he was on the peak of the earth with grey nothingness below the rolling clouds. Awesome! And so fitting for the name Hai Van, meaning ‘ocean clouds’.

The various, thriving flora and panoramic view of the bay below is just beautiful. The way the thick sunlight was blanketing the deep green sides of the mountain pass, too. The road is steep at times but not too crowded during the day. If you intend to go it alone make sure to get a bike with a powerful engine! At the top of the pass there’s a rest stop and derelict military checkpoint you can explore and see the road that goes down to Hue.

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