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These photos are from last year when I first and last visited this lovely place. I randomly thought about the going back recently and decided to upload these with a review.

Shanelle was in the morning I went with my mum after my fourth consecutive night shift, and she and her eatery were a sight for sore eyes! She welcomed us warmly and served us with a  smile. The atmosphere was rather soothing with the soft music and sounds from the open kitchen not too loud (anything beats the sound of beeps and alarms from anaesthetic machines and various steely surgical noises..). I loved the warm tones of the wooden furniture and bare-bulbed lighting, and especially the floor-length windows that allowed in an abundance of sunlight.

As for the drinks and food.. well. You can see for yourself how beautifully it is presented, although I wasn’t a big fan of the Waffle Belly dish – each element was fine on it’s own but I wasn’t loving it all together. Aghhh but the Black Lotus was almost too beautiful to eat! Almost. It was a delightful and comforting first spoonful with different textures and flavours of ingredients mixed in that warmed me up right away, not too sweet and I liked that the fig was raw because it was delicious as is.

The menu pretty much hasn’t changed and I’m thinking of going for this baby again or trying something different. So.. Who wants to come with? ;p


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