Current Inspo

Life. Has been owning me.


You know when everything everything everything everything everything everything feels utterly pointless because you’ve got no energy and fucks left to give? So you go into deep cave mode and only crawl out to fulfil your most pressing and basic of duties and hiss at the sun and frolicking happy people? No? Just me? K..

I’ve definitely neglected this littler corner of the blogosphere but as it’s November the 1st it feels like as good a day as any to start fresh. I’ll be uploading a few creative things I’ve been marinating in my head for a while when I’m done gathering all the courage I’ve got to do so. Not sure why it’s so unbearably hard to just put yourself and/or your stuff out there, but it is.. @___@ I think for me the pressure of other people’s judgement weighs nowhere near as heavy or bitingly sharp as my own: IT’S SO CRAP. IT SHAN’T SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!!!!!! Yah.

But one thing that I did recently was to participate in a dance battle with a new AWESOME friend who is so on par with me in terms of dancing, life, and love lol. We are no0bs but we trained hard, as much as we would, for 2 weeks leading up to it. We improved drastically and learned so much from each other, ourselves and a couple of inspiring mentor figures, and we ended up battling a couple of olllld school (old ajoshi lolol) OG dance teachers we really respect and like! Needless to say we were KO-ed first round and it was EPIC! The judge was also one of our favourite dance teachers ever, and it was hilarious and affirming to analyse the shit out of his expression and gestures on video afterwards to see any hint of where we did well.

In the meantime I want to introduce a couple of people I absolutely DIG as artists: Kenky and Kun. I have to admit I’ve never really thought of choreographing dance or producing music, only gazing in wonder and admiration from afar the seemingly chosen Gifted Ones who created things I couldn’t even dream of, to make me feel things words can’t describe.. but they’ve been so kind and helpful in teaching me the basic baby steps to enter their creative world.

Seriously, check them out and FANGIRL WITH ME!!


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