Sunday Tea at Sublime Point

During the long weekend at the beginning of the month, I went on a day trip down to the Gong with wonderful friend. Taking a wrong turn for a pit stop en route from Sydney city we chanced on Sublime Point lookout, and the lovely cafe / restaurant perched right next to it.


We were intending to grab a takeaway drink and head on, but as soon as we stepped inside I was drawn in by the calm and cosy atmosphere. Busy on a Sunday morning with too many locals and travellers for the few staff, we waited a while for a table to be cleared before being given menus. Large windows along one side of the wall let in an abundance of light and view of the south coast, and the simple off-white and beige colour palette of the room was speckled with vintage-style chairs, antique bits and bobs, dried flowers, and lace tablecloths. Ledges are decorated with nothing more than sunlight and glass vases of various flowers and wood, so natural and dainty! My friend and I unfortunately didn’t get a seat by a window (we were told they were booked out for lunch although they were left emptied and laden with used plates and cutlery the rest of our stay), nevertheless we enjoyed each other’s company over Devonshire tea and coffee. The scones were freshly baked and on the fluffier side which I loved.

Sublime Point is a great place to stop over to soak up sweeping views of the ocean and Illawarra shoreline, with the added benefit of fewer crowds than bigger stop over points along the road, and this cafe / restaurant is a sweet, cherry marshmallow on top! It’s easy to see why this eatery also serves as a function and wedding centre. If you’re bored of your typical Sunday setting, set out with your friend or alone for Sublime Point. They have a breakfast and lunch menu if you’re dining in, as well as regular coffees and range of baked goodies if you’re getting to go. I’d definitely like to return to try more of their scones and other dishes if another random opportunity arises to go for a long and relaxing drive down the coast.

Happy tea times!

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