“It’s rainy & cold!”

These three words aren’t used very often in Sydney’s perpetually blue-skied and sunny land, but after a peppering of the most incredible Autumn-like weather it’s back to the grey and wet cycle of rain. I’m listening to the rain tonight and just glad it’s nothing like the freak weather and life-claiming floods we’ve had only a couple of months earlier. Plus, it’s the perfect weather for one of everyone’s favourite comfort foods ever: RAMEN *cue sparkling eyes and warmed stomach and heart*

Ryo’s Noodles is hands down my favourite ramen joint in Sydney. I do agree that Gumshara’s ramen broth is actually thicker and more flavourful, but the noisy food court leaser can’t compare. Most of my bias has been built over the years I’ve been going regularly with a friend after uni – homey feel, humble and honest cuisine, consistently deliiiiciousss taste of food, and NO lines when you arrive just before opening during weekdays (or maybe we’ve just been super lucky)! Photos above are from the one time I happened to have my camera with me there years back.

It’s the place that most reminds me of Japan and her unpretentious and unforgettable ramen shops. The ink calligraphy hiragana menu taped to the walls, simple plastic cups and disposable chopsticks, small collection of manga to skim, sounds of sizzling and bubbling coming from the kitchen just several metres away… it’s so nostalgic and homey. My friend and I have tried almost every ramen on the menu, and honestly it’s all good! If you can’t decide there’s a “Top 5” ranking list but I usually pick a pork-broth one and add an ajitsuke tamago (soy sauce soft boiled egg), and then to share sides of their seriously good gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) and FREAKING BEST KARAAGE (you should know what this is)!!! The batter is perfectly crispy and well-seasoned, and chicken inside is super succulent and ughjekfsjfdjk must try with a glob of the Japanese mayo! Portion sizes are great but you can always order kaedama (second noodle serving). Don’t forget to takeaway a couple of their filling and yummmmy pork buns or onigiri (rice balls) for supper!

Ryo’s is obviously committed to consistent and fantastic quality, and is above all authentic. It’s out of the way, limited seating, cash only, etc, yet they have a massively loyal fanbase and it just goes to show a bowl of this humble and heart-warming noodle can leave an impression.



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