Saturday night and I’m home by midnight, unwinding by browsing blogs and going through photos while munching on marshmallows. A night out is almost always dinner and drinks now (#OLDIE), and while it’s always a great time I really do miss dancing like crazy with homies and strangers til the break of dawn. I felt old and reminisced as I sat demurely sipping my cocktails.

Tonight I had dinner with a few friends at Mr. Wong, then cocktails at Gowings Bar & Grill. No camera tonight, the above (blurry..to add realism loljk) photos are dug up from when a friend took me for the first time for drinks ages ago. But nothing has changed – LOUD AS A CLUB meaning yell-speaking, very busy bar and equally packed dining area below, 2 storeys of wine displayed in a massive cage (for good reason I suppose), good-looking staff, and fantastic cocktails. And that typography, ugh, so on point! *heart eyes*

The ones I ordered were beautifully sweet and strong, intriguing mixes, silky smooth going down and kept me pleased and reaching for more.. basically perfect! The only imperfect aspect is the hefty price at $18-20 each, but considering I’d pay almost that amount for any slapdash cocktail at any old pub bar I didn’t mind paying that bit extra for such quality.

The interior is dimly lit, with modern furniture and a clash of wood and angular metals. A wall-ful of tall and narrow windows with shutters looking down to George Street reminded me of a New York apartment. I’m definitely interested in trying out their grill menu for dinner – not only because it smells mouth-wateringly good but because all I’d have to do for these awesome drinks in my food-comatose state is order straight from the table, #WINNING.

…Okay maybe I AM old and lazy.

Honestly though especially with my birthday coming up, I am feeling an almost impending sense of doom.. a loss of youth. But that is an entirely other post in itself.

More info:

  • Mr. Wong: http://merivale.com.au/mrwong/
  • Gowings Bar & Grill: https://www.qtsydney.com.au/food-drink/gowings-bar-grill/
  • Bar Menu: https://www.qtsydney.com.au/files/2015/05/Gowings-Bar-Menu-May.pdf/
  • Trip Advisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g255060-d3609997-Reviews-Gowings_Bar_Grill-Sydney_New_South_Wales.html/
  • Zomato Reviews: https://www.zomato.com/sydney/gowings-bar-grill-qt-sydney-cbd/reviews#quick-review-form/
  • Click to add a blog post for Gowings Bar & Grill on Zomato

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