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It’s not every day you step into a beautifully furnished modern dining room-cum-bar with piano melodies wafting up to the high and bright ceiling, in comforting trust that all your needs will be catered to – those needs being SUGAR and TEA (simple pleasures in life really, #lowmaintenance?) and LOTS of it!

“High tea” and “buffet” are words that traditionally may have been met with disgusted scoffing by the hoity toity waifs of years gone by but I cannot imagine a more welcome combo, even more so when international luxury hotel and resort chain Swissotel is the delightful host! We were seated by the windows as requested and met with immaculate table setting and choice of a chocolate cocktail or mocktail as we perused the tea selection.

There’s a variety of savoury mini sandwiches and (popular) quiches, as well as what we’re really here for: a selection of quality teas by T2 and unlimited sweets! Everything from baby macarons to tartlets to fruit salad with the centrepiece chocolate fountain is available to savour. The serving sizes were perfect to have a taste before going for seconds or fourths if you wanted, but I noticed the fruit salad and larger fruit pieces for the chocolate fountain weren’t restocked at all and left empty! I fortunately/unfortunately didn’t go overboard with the buffet in general though because I didn’t find any particular sweet better than “decent”. The sandwiches had very thick slices of bread with a minimal amount of innards, kind of like a bad rice-to-topping ratio you’d see at a cheap sushi train.. Another disappointment was that I had read disgusted comments regarding the poor service from reviewers on Zomato, and I have to say I agree. For a 5 star establishment you are not expecting nor paying for sub-par service and it is something that management should address as a matter of serious importance.

In saying that though, the bar itself has clean and modern interiors with ceiling-tall windows, my favourite kind, which brings in an abundance of natural light and uplifts the mood. The plush lounge area is perfect for small groups, and my mother and I stayed a little longer than expected in the inviting space. It has a calm colour palette of neutrals and beige, and lower level of volume which would be conducive to a work meeting and meal. I’ve since heard the cocktails are quite good, so a before or after-dinner drink here would be great too. The pianist was also such a lovely man, inviting us to sit next to him as we admired the clear stream of music that extended out of his fingertips.

All in all, it certainly could have been better but my mother and I had a wonderful time just soaking up the sun, the street-side view below and each other’s company in the warm and casual ambience of the bar. Selection on offer seem to change every couple months or so, so perhaps you’ll get a variety of sweet and savoury treats that suits your taste more than it did mine.

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