Nan Tien Buddhist Temple

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nantien10 nantien11 nantien12 nantien17nantien13 nantien14 nantien15 nantien16 nantien18 nantien19 nantien1 Short & sweet post before I try to sleep!

I’m almost done with my first ever week of night shifts as an RN.. all I can say is it’s been a rollercoaster – everything from quiet, case-free nights to code critical C-sections, peppered with heart to heart conversations and heaps of snacking!

I randomly checked my heart rate: 85bpm at “resting”.. who knows what my blood pressure is. I don’t think I mentally or physically recall what it means to relax. It’s so lovely to have little getaways like these but they are so incredibly momentary, and even before the trip is over I feel almost overwhelmingly anxious and stressed to get back to reality. I honestly think I’ll need 10 months away MINIMUM to get myself rested properly..

But anyway.

Nan Tien is the largest Buddhist temple complex not only in Australia but in the Southern Hemisphere and thus famous for tourists and natives alike. As its name (meaning “Southern Heaven/Paradise“) describes, the grounds are beautifully kept and exude an air of tranquility, and on the Winter’s Eve we decided to visit I almost felt that I was on a South Korean mountainside. Very chilly air, white-grey cloud cover, a variety of flora with splashes of dappled red foliage and evergreens, and a few dozen other visitors of various races and ages rugged up in winter wear.. a soft murmur of chanting over the loudspeaker inside the main temple pagoda, gently winding walkways, delicious smells of vegetarian dumplings.. it was wonderful to soak it all in.

No pictures are allowed inside any of the artfully created temples and small museum, but feel free to snap away around the grounds (especially the cute stone baby Buddhas, all doing a different activity!). The architecture style is traditional but with very new materials and lighting, and refreshing to behold.

Happy wanderings!

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