On to The Gong

Come with me on a cold and cloudy spontaneous Sunday trip! gong1 gong2 gong20 gong37 gong3 gong4 gong6gong5 gong12gong7 gong8 gong9 gong10 gong11 gong13 gong14 gong15 gong16 gong17 gong19gong18 gong21 gong22 gong23 gong24 gong25 gong26 gong25 gong40 gong38-39 gong29 gong28gong30 gong31 gong32 gong33 gong41-42 gong34 gong35 gong36 It’s been a couple of months now since starting at the new hospital without a break, and I’ve desperately needed a getaway. A suggested day trip to “The Gong” sounded perfect, especially on Winter’s eve as we could spend a good part of it driving down and around, toasty in the car with takeaway coffees and hot chocolates!

On the way down from Sydney we dropped by Sublime Point, and soaked in the incredible views from hundreds of metres up, as well as the sun which peeked through the cloud cover. The photographs don’t do any justice, it was quite spectacular to see the faded low mountains and tiny shores on your right, eyes following the distant horizon to the left side covered in more greenery. There were maybe a couple dozen other cars – there’s two or three small park areas with public barbeques and bathrooms, but not too busy at all and easy to get a fantastic front seat view.

Sublime Point restaurant/cafe is the only shop there and my friend and I stepped in for a quick hot drink (turned relaxed 1 hour Devonshire tea time!), instantly charmed by the vintage decor and bright white interior. The large windows all along the cliff-side of the restaurant streamed in light and made the fabric on the ceiling and corded garlands glow. But more on this lovely cafe in another post!

As we headed down the winding roads engaged in conversation, we arrived about an hour later to Nan Tien Temple. It’s famous not only in Australia but internationally as the largest and leading Buddhist temple and institution in the Southern hemisphere. Photographs were not allowed inside, only in the outer grounds, and it was relaxing to meander through the different temple areas and grounds. Another post on this segment later~ The air was very chilly and we were tempted to try a vegetarian dumpling meal at the cafeteria, but decided to eat a proper meal once at The Gong.

The Wollongong harbour was so cold! But the restaurants and park areas were almost packed out, I guess on a Sunday there were functions on and families making the most of the weekend. We walked up to the lighthouse and snapped some photos before our frozen fingers and faces got us quickly scurrying down to a restaurant and warming up (EATING). The waters were very calm, and it would’ve been lovely to relax on the lush grass on a summer’s day to look out over the water and sailboats. Next time!

Hope you enjoyed this getaway post 🙂 Please stay warm and take care!

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