New Soundclouder

Let’s ignore the delay between this and my last post. And my yearly attempts to do things consistently and actually improve at said things.

New start from 15 / 02 / 15 !!!!!

Stay tuned, lovely stalkers ❤

Screen shot 2015-02-15 at 11.32.39 PM

Created by Hana X and Project Janeuine for 2013.
Resung by Hana X and Project Janeuine for 2015.

:: Lyrics ::

Lord I am done I’ll pick up the pieces
You are the one I know You can see this
Every breath to worship You every day
And I am strong and I’m smart and I’ll make You proud
I’ll protect my heart I won’t let it out
I won’t break apart I won’t dread or doubt Your ways

You are everything I need Lord this I know
You’re everything I need to move on
You’re everything I need in You I’ll grow
So I promise You my best
I promise I will change ’cause

I promise You Lord my whole heart
As broken beaten as it comes
I give You Lord my humble song
I’ll worship You all my life
I trust in You my numbered days
May Your love be revealed through my life
Only for You promise You I’ll live
Only for You


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