2015: New Year’s Cheer & Resol..Ambitions

How are we on this fine New Year’s Day, world?

It’s a signature Sydney summer day – 30 degrees, blazing sun and cloudless blue skies. Another New Year celebration’s over, and the only remnants of my night are some sparkling eyeshadow smudges on my knuckles, a tinge of perfume still in my hair, a noisy video, and a warm feeling of contentment. No hangover, though! Y’all know me.. (or now you do.) Hope you had a fantastic and memorable night to cherish, also.

No specific resolutions for me this year. However, I’m going to make a daily, concerted effort to change the way I think and speak. And of course, getting to know God more intimately each day. Our knowledge of God is concurrent with our love for Him and life.

I’m a chronic over-thinker. There are constant, endless streams of convoluted connections, theories, scripts, memories, melodies, and blasting music swirling ’round in my massively messy mind. Instead of being an idle spectator or feeling frustrated and trying to suppress it all (but really, Brain, C’MONNOW I/YOU need more than 0-2 hours sleep!!!!!), I’ll try to focus on a few things at a time and try to make something of it. I also need to stop thinking so dang acrimoniously of myself. I am hands aaaaall the way down my own worst critic, and I’ve read that people commonly instill harsh thoughts/beliefs to themselves that they’d never dream of saying to anyone around them. Is this true for you, too? As Jordan Belfort famously (and so.. eloquently..) said,

The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

As a first-world citizen, the pressure is almost wholly on you to succeed or not. The only one stopping and stepping on you, is you (basically this dude). Recognise -> Accept -> Change .. I think I’m halfway there. Cursing is one of my horrible habits, and the more comfortable I am with you the more I will cuss! However: reasons not to. Makes sense. Must speak words of affirmation and civility only! Also, using less “try”s and “may”s and more “will”s and “must”s. And graciously accepting compliments, instead of negating them.

I encourage you to be more loving, if not, accepting, of yourself this new year. Most everyone can do with more self-affirmation and kindness. You will surprise you if you just let you 🙂 I’ll be sharing more of my baby-step creations, too, starting with: fbnye fbnye2




The 2015 clock has begun ticking! Have a truly HAPPY New Year – whatsoever that delineates for you!

ADDIT: The new annual report thang WordPress is rolling out is pretty cool and informative. This is a snapshot of the views this blog has had in 2014: wordpress2014viewsThere are bloggers out there who get that amount of traffic in a single day or hour, but I am very pleasantly surprised that the number even reached past 1K! Wow. Thank you so much for clicking by 🙂


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