Quarter of a Century

It has been MONTHS since I’ve last blogged, and I barely recall how to navigate around WordPress (nicely updated, btw) but I’d like to thank you random trickle of people who have been visiting 🙂

It’s my 25th birthday today. Sometimes I feel like I’m still 16 .. mostly though I feel like I’m 50. But  it’s definitely a blessing to have lived to this milestone, and I’m very grateful. Accidents and attacks happen on the daily, as do genetically inherited diseases and sudden illnesses – it could have been me. But it wasn’t. And I’m going to make a greater, concerted effort to make the most of my life now, and what it has been, for what it will be as planned by my loving God.

I’m not sure if it’s my calmer family environment, a recent high at work (Anaesthetic rotation FTWNEVERLETMEGOPLS), my skin stabilising, exercising more regularly, or the mental preparation/acceptance of turning 25 – but I’m feeling. great. hehe 🙂 I just.. feel like.. a normal person my age. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, and it feels like some prestigious achievement though I’ve not done anything to get to this stage.. I feel and know that I am an adult now, that noone or nothing should or can hurt or sway me unless I allow it to. Too many “or”s but you get the point.

Self-efficacy is the difference. For what can’t I do with God’s guidance and anointing?

I thought, wished, that my 24th year of life would be the best and brightest. But I’m ready for my 25th one to be. No more hiding, or denying 🙂 Oh, and less SERIOUSNESS. Seriously 😉 Time to be who am, who I want and need to be.

Photos below are from my day out with my mother and mother’s mother (visiting from Korea) – three generation celebration! None of us ever thought we’d see the day. Also the most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever received in my life plus some early gifts ❤



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