100 Days of Gratitude & Happiness


This s a new undertaking I have been meaning to do since the beginning of the year via Instagram.

I find it very difficult to get along with the world I am in, and with the people who live it “normally”, mindlessly, sensibly as expected, socially acceptably .. but that doesn’t make me any less affected by its conventions and temptations..

I just want to find balance and be at peace ..

I want to love the life I live, the life I have been given and will forge.

I ultimately want to love myself more .. and this project is a step towards that.

Here is Day 1!

I’d joined IG to document slices of everyday life, as a personal reminder of things that I was grateful for or made me happy that day. That soon gave way to first world complaints here and comparing myself or faking normalcy there.. so for 100 days I will be making a concerted, daily effort to recognise things that I am sincerely grateful and genuinely happy about/for! Feel free to do it with me or block/hide me.
D:1/100 ☆ I’m sincerely grateful that I have much in my life to be grateful about, and will discover more that I’m not yet grateful about. ♡ I’m genuinely happy that I’m taking steps to become a more positive person.
#100DaysofGratitudeandHappiness #ProjectJaneuine

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