Tripping Through Mountains and Caves

Last month (18th to 20th of Jan) I went on a 3 day trip with my photography friend to the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves – two of the most dominating tourist attractions in NSW. Overall it was everything I needed – part relaxation, part action, a thorough mix of discovery, all wrapped up in adventure as well as countless laughs and photos and videos! At times it truly was trippy and surreal – what I was seeing before my eyes seemed so impossibly magical.

The above video is my first attempt at travel videography/video-blogging, and I have to say it was difficult to do on top of trying to take in the reality and being mindful of the situation at hand plus taking some photos with my dslr. Looking back at this, though, I’m really glad I took the time and effort to do so. I definitely need to work on keeping my hands steady, and I had to speed up each clip to reduce total video length so the shakiness is much worse – apologies if you got a headache from that!

Highlights and exceptional memories of the trip:

  • revisiting the caves a decade later (not nearly as cold as I remember!) and being dumbfounded by the absolutely incredible wonders of the River Caves and Temple of Baal Cave.
  • seeing a wallaby (possibly a swamp wallaby?) a few times, and once up VERY close and personal. I was oblivious to it, skipping down a trail and stopping when I heard heavy rustling just behind me. We looked at each other for a few seconds, then it hopped two steps away so I bid it good-day.
  • seeing and hearing the painfully shy and rarely sighted lyrebirds and their song! The couple were quick to run up to higher ground and thicker bush when they heard us.
  • staying a night and being nosy, peeking into every room I could, at the Carrington Hotel – old world class at its finest!
  • discovering you can walk right to the edge of the spectacular Wentworth Falls overlooking the forests, mountain ranges and the Three Sisters, and even to a huge ledge halfway down to the bottom (the track down there was either closed or there was none..but that didn’t stop a bunch of tourists we saw)

I’ll be posting photo diaries in the coming days! Please enjoy and visit – I highly recommend seeing these natural gems and icons in person as no photograph or video could do them justice.


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