Starring: Sugar

Black Star Pastry:starsug1starsug2starsug3starsug4starsug5starsug6output_2yX1Qtstarsug11starsug12starsug13-14starsug15

strawberry and watermelon cake + pistachio lemon zen garden cake
pistachio lemon zen garden cake + strawberry and watermelon cake



That. dang. strawberry. watermelon. cake!

It was as sweet, refreshing, and beautifully presented and textured as rumoured (also as teeny and pricey) – but the hype did ruin it a tad for me. Nevertheless, I am sure as sunshine that I could eat 10 of those! I especially love the floral, rosy scent and decorations on the top. The pistachio lemon zen garden cake was also lovely, layered with the same almond dacquoise as the strawberry and watermelon cake, and strongly flavoured of tangy lemon and sweet pistachio.

Pro tips:

  • Try not to get in too late in the afternoon, lest something you’d like be sold out
  • Do take-away! The shop is not interested in catering for you to eat in (cramped and limited seating and “table” space, dirty cups and cutlery). Grab your goodies and leave.
  • Don’t even bother with the coffees and hot drinks. Just don’t.
  • The sugary sweets are the stars of the show, but I’ve since heard that their pies are amazing – shall be back for those!

Short and sweet today! The photos are admittedly more experiental than anything – it was my first time taking the 50mm f/1.4 out for a snap! 🙂

Sugar makes everything okay – especially when whipped into magical little creations such as these. Happy noms!



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