Chinese Neigh Year 2014!

CNY Twilight Parade:


Another day out in the beauuutiful, chill glory that is Darling Quarter and Harbour, Sydney. As luck would have it the annual Chinese New Year Twilight Parade was scheduled in a few hours time but somehow as planned, my friend and I were too busy and happy to eat our way through Darling Quarter to want to join the crowds lining up along the roads in the heat. I’ve mentioned this several times but I absolutely love how family-friendly this famous nook of Sydney has become. Everything from picnic blankets and LED balls/furniture can be rented, and you are free to enjoy classic movie screenings and other simple pleasures in life with your young and energetic beloveds.

When we were done sharing happy thoughts and gorging it was past 9PM, with the parade still underway and fireworks due to explode between 10PM – 1AM. We weren’t motivated enough to battle through the masses and wait further so we started walking back up to our car – only to meet the beginning of the end of the parade. Groups of performers freeing their faces and bodies of costumes, exhilarated expressions, laughing and posing for cameras, the continued thundering of traditional drums in the distance – even such moments were joyous to watch.

It’s amazing to think that the White Australia Policy was only abolished in the 60’s, and I certainly remember learning about the horrific racism and persecution of Chinese migrants during the 1800’s NSW gold rush. We have come a very long way, and must continue further!

One thing that really irked me about the parade though was how blatantly commercialised it was. Sponsors had massive floats, and the parade seemed to become an obvious excuse for advertising at one point, and what do the children wearing random European costumes have anything to do with celebrating the lunar new year, exactly..?

Anyway, it looked to be a big effort and as they attracted large multicultural crowds, it would count as a success. Celebrations continue until the end of this week so check out the official website for more events and details!

Happy Year of the Horse! Neigh~~


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