Straya, mate!

Happy Australia Day!

Today is one of the days I take a break from my ambivalent love-hate relationship with Australia. Australia Day, to me, is about revelling with your beloveds in your backyard, beach, or park, maybe riding around on our good old kangaroos and throwing a shrimp on the barbie. Ha, kidding. But regardless of whatever backdrop you choose, coming together to celebrate our blessed lives in this young, free and vastly wild and untamed nation, and how far its come since the arrival of the First Fleet, is common to all. There’s still an infinitely long way to go, and I guess our generation is preparing to take up the reins in leading and making this country better than yesterday. Eep.

The below photos are from a recent, blindingly bright and powdery blue-skied day. My friend and I chilled out at the Quay and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia and spent ages talking on the water-front and museum-front grass – bodies lazed and minds sharp. Drop by, free, for a look into Australian cultural and contemporary art and a breezy view from the top-level cafe. Hopefully you won’t have a rude cruise ship blocking it.



2 thoughts on “Straya, mate!

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