Freshwater Freedom

Freshwater Beach:


blooming. going. singing.
blooming. going. singing.
we're here! can you hear the waves?
we’re heeeeere! can you hear the waves?


our view: 50 shades of beautiful blue.
our view: 50 shades of beautiful blue.


Derpina ft Pale Legs
Derpina ft Pale Legs


A few weeks ago on a random dazzling Spring day (oh who is Sydney kidding – seasons come and go throughout the year as they please! Luckily for us it’s mainly Summer who makes appearances), my friend and I hit up Freshwater Beach. About a half hour’s drive from Chatswood Station, it’s sandwiched in between the iconic Manly Beach to the South and Curl Curl Beach to the North, and apart from being a misnomer it ticks all the right boxes for what you’d want in your standard, local beach:

  • not too many people/tourists and especially bold seagulls
  • surf lifesavers and “between the flags” safe swimming zone
  • saltwater pool
  • amenities and shops

The above photos are raw – completely unedited except for resizing and combining two into one. It was blindingly sunny and the saturated, bright colours captured look fantastic and vivid. Unfortunately though I could virtually feel melanomas developing on my skin under the almost sharp sunlight although there was a cool breeze, and it didn’t help that neither of us brought sunscreen – oopsies. Looks like the years of “Slip Slop Slap“-ping hasn’t really stuck. Remember how devastatingly alienated you had felt as a kiddo when you forgot to bring a hat to school and had to stay under the shade during recess while everyone else played?

When I was young my parents nicknamed me Pocahontas because I was so dark-skinned and slender with long black hair, loving to run wild outside playing and exercising my imagination. There was no concept of “consequences” and of “tomorrow”, only the here and now and ardent pursuit for simple pleasures in life. There’s no way I’d be like these masked fashion and fun terrorists but I’m definitely more aware of sun exposure and thus averse to it.

I half want to know and don’t want to know. Ignorance truly is bliss, but it’s only temporary and then you’re screwed! Still, sometimes I think kids are far braver than their world-wise/weary parents and I feel aged when I envy that innocence ..

Anyway! You can read and watch abundant tutorials on summer make-up and skincare elsewhere – let’s talk about skin cancer prevention (you know you love it and need it!). In brief, the Australian Health Survey of 2011-2012 conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics noted 1 in 3 people with cancer had a type of skin cancer, which is an immense proportion. As with all health issues prevention is the best protection and it starts with preventing sunburn (from the Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel):

  1. Slip – on sun-protective clothes and minimise exposed skin as much as possible
  2. Slop – on 30+ SPF (sun protection factor) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen 20 mins before going out then reapplying 2 hourly
  3. Slap – on a broad-brimmed hat fully shading your face, head, neck and ears.
  4. Seek – shade wherever possible.
  5. Slide – on wraparound sunnies that meet Aussie standards (AS1067) – protection over fashion!

DO read more here on their website – you are bound to learn and be reminded of a thing or two! Sing along to the Cancer Council‘s good old “Slip Slop Slap” jingle which has been revised to include “Seek” and “Slide” (which is great because with more  research come more revisions which ultimately leads to better health standards).

It’s also interesting how polar opposite Eastern and Western standards for skin colouring correlating with beauty are. Asians love the pure porcelain look, from the times where it meant royal or nobleman status who didn’t have to toil the fields. Aussies desire the sun-kissed glow, implying vitality and an active lifestyle. I’m both, but I definitely lean towards the Australian way of thinking for most things, including beauty and fashion.

But yes, back here in Freshwater is where I want to be .. I’ve been at my (hopefully!!!) LAST. EVER. FINAL. CLINICAL PLACEMENT alllll the way in Woop Woop Campbell-freakin-town, and without fail it’s been about 30 degrees or higher daily. But I’m actually doing my elective perioperative placement so I’m usually in shivery-cold operating theatres all day, so my body is just confused and tired what with the 5AM starts too. So .. I should probably get to bed because I need to leave the house in about 4.5 hours. And I know I’m exhausted when I start absolutely cracking up over the pretty much nothing, like when I almost “PAHARHAR-ed” into a patient’s face at the end of today when they said they had “atrical fiberration” and when I pet this cute doge. Oh and when I dozed off while watching an orthopaedic procedure (not for the faint-hearted), waking up to drool down one side of my mouth – that mask was good for something after all! So embarrassing *smh ..

Okay bye forreals and I hope you have a beautiful rest-of-the-week! God bless you 🙂

EDIT 10 mins later: Cannot stop the lols!! Watch clip here (Laughing with OJ FB page, video “I Don’t even know the words but I nailed it”) and hope you ha-have a ruh-eally gud day!~~


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