Lighting Up Our Darling

Darling Harbour:


friendly and fit bboys taking photos with their passer-by fans
friendly and fit bboys taking photos with their passer-by fans

Darling Harbour has been, and always will be, one of my absolute favourite places in Sydney city. It’s not too far away geographically from the heart of the central business district, but the air is different – relaxed, breezy, carefree. Over the years Darling Harbour and the surrounding areas of Tumbalong Park have undergone immense changes to  become even more family and festival-friendly. Sydney’s nightlife is beginning to extend to later hours especially on the weekends, and with the vibrant and diverse mix of ages, cultures and groups it’s always a joyful experience to wander along Darling Walk and get a bite to eat, looking over the twinkling lights reflected upon the water. Christmas (well, as traditionally “Christmassy” as Aus can get) is also in the air with a giant neon tree, carollers, and enormous inflatable Santas around.

There has definitely been a noticeable increase in locals and tourists staying out til late with their lovers and children. It’s lovely to see a culture develop to harmoniously enjoy our beautiful and prosperous city, especially now that it’s officially summer! Of course it cannot compare to the magnificent and truly spectacular feat that is Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, it is a taste of what is to come, with just enough magic to set your worries sky-high and explode with the dazzling lights and make you feel blessed to be alive. It must be so complex and fun to design the fireworks show, probably similar to being a conductor – orchestrating the rhythm, colours, styles, and heights. Amazing.

After some very emotionally and physically exhausting days, I was glad to go out to Darling Harbour tonight (technically yesterday since it’s 2:30AM atm) to watch the stunning weekly 9PM fireworks with a friend. The gentle buzz of the weekend was upon everyone, smiles all round and people already starting to pack the harbour’s edge an hour before the fireworks were scheduled to begin. We also hit the jackpot for harbour views, scoring the best seating in the house at Passello! Granted, once people were milling about when the fireworks started it was hard to capture decent shots from my seat but I was far too pregnant with food to do anything about it. There’s always next time~



garlic bread, demolished
garlic bread, demolished. definitely don’t recommend the guava juice
tomato salad – with buffalo mozzarella, pesto, olive oil & balsamic glaze
tomato salad – with buffalo mozzarella, pesto, olive oil & balsamic glaze
lasagne di carne – traditional baked Italian pasta with ham & ricotta cheese
lasagne di carne – traditional baked Italian pasta with ham & ricotta cheese
Passello special – shaved ham, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, pesto & mozzarella
Passello special – shaved ham, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, pesto & mozzarella

Passello.. I feel quite ambivalent about it. The menu was quite varied and food we ordered was tasty and well-portioned, but could have been much better – eg: not so much salt on everything, not completely burning the crust of the pizza, using fresher ingredients for the salad.. And what really killed me was the waiting time for the food – almost an HOUR. I was starving even on the way to the city so I literally destroyed my serve of the garlic bread as soon as it came out! The host/manager was very amiable and apologetic about the service, but with such exorbitant pricing (as almost all the restaurants in the harbour charge. for the view.) there’s really no excuse for poor staffing.

If you’re coming out to Harbourside for the fireworks and a stroll on Saturday nights, get to the broadwalk early for front-row seats. There’s no need to sit in at a restaurant, you can grab a kebab or sushi or Maccas (McD’s for you Americans)  or gelato or a variety of take-out from the Harbourside food court and enjoy it as you wait at the waterfront (just don’t fall in)!


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