Beauty Spree: Lancôme x Elle x Harper’s Bazaar Event

Lancôme Beauty Event at Sydney City Myer:


Lancôme's Beauty Box: top selling 18 piece beauty basics
Lancôme’s Beauty Box: 18 piece top-selling beauty basics


Janna Johnson O'Toole & Eugenie Kelly
Janna Johnson O’Toole & Eugenie Kelly
radiant & impeccable
radiant, impeccable


gift for each person who came
a gift for each person who came
thank you!
thank you!

It’s only been half a year since I last remarked how unfeminine I usually was, comparing myself to a bogan man. How is it that since then I have come to own more than just a handful of make-up items (shock/horror to normal girls!) and attend such beauty-related events? The truth is I have, and still am, developing beauty-related confidence in myself. More on this in the future!

This event hosted by Lancôme Australia in conjunction with Elle Australia and Harper’s Bazaar Australia, which “cost” $30 to register for but was fully redeemable for any purchase in-store + a free gift bag worth $100, came at a perfect time because I’ve been meaning to buy the Advanced Génifique serum which I’m a fan of. The almost slippery texture is too easy to slide over and pat into your face, and my skin drinks it up. It helped my complexion to soften and smooth out in texture, and most importantly, it doesn’t irritate my ridiculously sensitive and intolerant atopic skin! I’m about as adventurous as a hardcore carnivore at a vegan eatery when it comes to trying out skincare products, so I play it safe by sticking to those I’ve tried over time although I know it’s effective to change up your product routine every so often.

What was great about this event was not just the free skincare goodies and catering, but being able to peacefully test out and take our time with the products – without having staff eye you like hawks or otherwise pressure you as they normally might. It’s no coincidence gift sets were flying off shelves! Lancôme Australia’s regional trainer Lara encouraged all of us to play with everything, and was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable which made her seem even lovelier (gorgeous on camera and real life, really). Also, having the rare and inspiring opportunity to speak to Janna Johnson O’Toole (Beauty and Fitness Director of Elle Australia) & Eugenie Kelly (Deputy Editor and Beauty Director of Harper’s Bazaar Australia) about photography and advertising was invaluable in itself. Same goes for Laura of Bauer Media who I randomly (thankfully!) approached and spoke to also. I was touched and amazed at how generously they shared advice and their own experiences, and genuinely encouraged me to pursue further experience in the field. Another thing the past few years of clinical experience has been good for – developing the ladyballs to ask senior staff/people of almost intimidating authority about career development and their own paths to guide your own. If you never ask, you will never receive! You’d be surprised at how many mistakes or roundabout ways you can avoid – it’s all about learning from other people’s experiences and mistakes because ain’t nobody got time to learn the hard way!

I purchased the Visionnaire 50ml gift set and the Lancôme Beauty Box, both beautifully presented, to split with my mother. How many girls can pass up a fantastic bargain? None. Not even the one who barely knows one end of an eyelash curler from the other and thought a spoolie was some kind of hybrid dog breed. Seriously though, the Beauty Box is valued at almost $500 and has a variety of make-up essentials that are suitable for almost everyone, and getting it for $110 (which is the price of a few full-sized products included in the set – so everything else you get for free) is too good! The offer at the event was the Beauty Box for $110 with any purchase, but check in-store or call for terms and conditions.

Only my best friend and I can appreciate how big of a step today was for me. I’m also truly starting to understand the importance, and joy, of investing in yourself and loving yourself as a girl living in this century and in this country.

The last thing I must mention is the catering! Mint Tea and Rosewater Catering is the name. The canapés were diverse, well-paced and so aesthetically pleasing (and yummy~~), and staff highly pleasant and attentive. I’m told the chef is passionate about healthful and organic ingredients, reflected in the fresh flowers used in the delightful presentation. Definitely enjoyed it and recommend their services.

Contact Mint Tea and Rosewater Catering:


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