Video Taker, Memory Maker

One random day
a room
a camera
& best friends



Another one of the major life events (?) that happened in the last 3 months (or more specifically, last week) was my best friend of over a decade moving overseas. At the moment nothing’s changed, still texting, Facebooking, linking each other to cute and funny Vines.. We both talk about how we’ve seen each other through everything that’s happened, from our late childhood, all throughout our teenage years (I still cannot believe I’m not a teenager anymore;;) and now early adulthood. What I find even more amazing is the fact that we know each other so well, inside out and upside down, but once in a blue moon one of us would laugh incredulously saying, “Really?!!!!?? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard/seen you __________.”

It’s true that you can never fully know someone, I mean, can you ever even really know yourself? All I know for certain is that I thank God from the bottom of my heart that I have been blessed with such precious friends, diamonds, in my life.

God has been and always will be the foundation of our friendship, and it’s for His works we live and strive through our short time on Earth together! ❤ We’re both going to watch a sermon a day from this series by San Diego Rock Church (Pastor Miles is contemporary, humorous and honest awesomesauce) please do so too if you feel inclined:

I also made a proper video for the first time as a farewell-for-now gift. My videography skills are terrible but I will try to work on more projects so it doesn’t look like I have all kinds of extrapyramidal symptoms!

Technology today is pure genius.. We can literally capture moments, sounds, sights to play at our desire. We can talk to and see people oceans and continents away – and FOR FREE with Wifi. WHUTTTTT!!?!? Seriously, let it sink in. I can’t wait until dream-capturing technology is developed – PLEASE HURRY, my dreams are freaking awesome and convoluted and I forget them within 10 minutes of waking!!! Oh and a way to record taste and smell, too!


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