Back to Life & Topshop x Elle Event


It’s been over 3 long and eventful months since I last posted here, hence the awkward start and feeling.. it’s strange typing to myself/you but familiar.. ermm, so.. hope you, whomever you are, have been well. I checked my stats and there have been a trickle of viewers over the months and I’ve no idea who/why. But thank you for visiting, from now on I’ll try to blog a little more seriously~ I basically told myself if I didn’t post this week I would just delete this blog. aaaaand, yup. All’s good, I’m ready to go! Here’s the post!


After an extended hibernation from the internet and many people in real life also, I’ve decided to rejoin greater society once more (can my epic stash of junk food and fruit and manga be a society?). Here’s a quick recap of some new things in my life since 3 months earlier:

1) I HAVE FINISHED MY NURSING DEGREE!! Well, almost.. technically I still need to complete my final clinical placement (again, 7AM starts, but worse – it’s going to take me almost 2 hours ONE WAY.. oTL). I still cannot believe I’m (almost) done and that 3 whole years have passed.. The main thing I have learned: If God brings you to it, He WILL bring you through it, just be obedient and confident in His Word :)))

2) I HAVE MY NEW GRADUATE NURSING PROGRAM SECURED FOR 2014! I got my first preference and am amazed and excited to start.

3) I have dyed my hair for the first time in my life – nowwww I’m a true Korean.

Hmm, nothing else I can publicly share but there you have it. I’m in that awkward transition phase where I’m not a student but not a Registered Nurse either, still independently living as ever though.

A close friend, who returned from her Youth With A Mission journey across several countries, and I were reunited yesterday and we went to Topshop in the city which was hosting an event with Elle Magazine Australia.


the featured goods
the featured goods




The strong, bright lighting, bursts of colour and textures, yummy canapés, alcohol, and general buzz of the crowds created a delicious sensory wake-up call. I like to photograph people but I’m still paranoid and shy about it so I try not to capture faces of strangers..

After that met some new people, went to a bar and restaurant, then a dessert date with my lovely friend to catch up. Then went home and curled up reading and watching 深夜食堂 / “Shinya Shokudo” until 8AM. Somehow it’s exhausting socialising after being a hermit. Tonight I was reunited with a close primary school friend for her birthday bash at Tiki Bar (will visit again!) and then to a house-warming at Potts Point. Social binge impending! Same goes for blog posts in the coming weeks~ ; )


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