‘Diamond Clarity’, Finally.


This song was collaborated on and draft finished late last year. I uploaded a variation of the chords before but have only just played out and recorded the whole song. When is an acceptable time to quietly play guitar and sing at a random’s house when everyone’s still sleeping? When the sun’s peeked up and treetops lit up, birds creating a cacophony of noise? Mkay! As you can tell I had to sing very softly and early in the morning, so please excuse the breathiness and overall bleh-ness. My camera is relatively sensitive to sound so I was able to get away with it~ The camera is shaky also because I had it on the bed next to me – it might give you a headache so don’t stare. Nothing happens in the video.

Wah, I should really redo this and a hundred other songs someday when I have access to a soundproof or human-less house. But this blog is about honesty, not perfection.. ha;;. Also, insomnia for almost 3 nights.. finally got to sleep a few hours x_______x getting worse.



The lonely morning awakes and I’m still dreaming loud

No I can’t wake somehow

I saw the sun and the sea and I was swimming out

The tears were coming down (ooh)

My tears are coming down (ooh)


I wanted you to be free so I gave up my heart

And buried it where we

Once lay and gathered the dust and promised we would now be

(Now be) like diamonds in the rough


Cut and clean did it mean a thing at all

Would it shine would it light up in the day


So wash this down and let it go

And let it never break my heart

Clean it out as white as snow

In the morning light

Yeah somehow I’ll make it so

So I will never rip apart

Then maybe I can set this free

Then maybe I can finally be

Less of you and more of me

When I sleep at night

(ooh, ooh) 


How ironic is life, and how ironic could this song possibly be? I never, ever would have guessed it would be about you.. at the time I was only half-consciously writing, guided only by something very vague, but it’s clear as diamonds now. I didn’t reply to you only because I don’t really know what to say and what/how to take it from there..


2 thoughts on “‘Diamond Clarity’, Finally.

  1. Oh jane! Haven’t seen the video coz I’ve only got 3G on the train right now- but those lyrics are so damn beautiful!!!!
    You’ve got quite a talent!! Dang!
    They’re so beautiful they hurt my heart!:)

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