Birthday Festivity

The Rocks Aroma Festival ’13 & Centennial Park:


onwards to The Rocks!


I made a beeline for La Renaissance, one of my favourite patisseries
do try their macarons – you’ll be back.



I’ve always thought that 24 was the perfect age.. the prime of one’s youth. It’s been a long time coming, with many changes and much determination to accompany it, and reaching this milestone has me convinced that this year will be one of the brightest years of my life. At the very least, soaked in some glorious sunshine. It’s my final year of university (hopefullyyyyy, if not GG), my zodiac year (Snakes FTW), and aside from all that many mountains and rivers of thoughts and faith that have been churning for years and finally settling, allowing me to move towards more peace, stability, confidence, joy, and ultimately closer relationship with my loving Jesus.

It was also Sydney’s much beloved Aroma Festival on my birthday last Sunday, which I finally got to enjoy with my lovely mother. It’s situated at one of my absolute favourite places in Sydney – The Rocks, and extended down to the Overseas Passenger Terminal side of Circular Quay. The atmosphere and whole experience was just so.. pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable. In every sense of the word. Chilly wind but sunshine galore, crowded around the food and coffee tents but very comfortably paced and genial, people standing along shop walls and sitting on street corners enjoying their brunches and lunches and desserts, strategically placed bands performing lively folk music, the smell of sizzling sausages and beef patties here and fresh coffee and chai there, people spilling out into the harbourside.

Everyone was here to enjoy their city and its icons, their family and friends’ company, the goodies to devour and sip. Hands full balancing assorted foods and a coffee, I only took photos once we arrived and looked around, and when we sat down to eat. I usually am so distracted by all of the sights and sounds of my environment, and I think it’s far better to fully enjoy the moment than try to capture it through a lens – this is only a bonus in my mind.

After that we went on a nice drive to Centennial Park where we exercised and had a picnic. My mother told me stories of how we came here all the time when I was a child, and how I once rolled into one of the ponds because I wanted to catch a duck, that it only seemed like yesterday when I was so little. Centennial Park is utterly massive, and well known for its sprawling grounds, pathways for joggers/cyclists/rollerbladers/horse-riders, and many ponds large and small with its various feathered inhabitants. It was so nostalgic to see black swans, galahs, and an array of cockatoos and ducks, and it made me miss the canadian geese and squirrels of the New York part of my childhood. At the Park, opened over a century ago, it’s easy to imagine horse drawn carriages rolling through where the cars drive now, ladies with lacy parasols in their Victorian dresses, children playing at a pond’s edges just as they do today.

I can’t believe I’ll be back at uni on Monday, and that it’ll be my final semester. This semester holiday is the one holiday that certainly felt nothing like one and went by so quickly, but I’m eager to finish up and race out into the world after this crucial step is taken.

God, be glorified in all I do!

More about The Rocks Aroma Festival:

Visit Centennial Park:


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