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Wilson Park:


My life is changing. Slowly, but surely. All of this has come at a good time too, since it’s my 24th birthday this weekend and I’m convinced that 24 is the perfect age, and I’m feeling blessed and happy that each aspect of my life is starting to come together in harmony and improvement.

One of these aspects is my physical fitness! On Friday I went to the gym for the first time with my good friend (and now my unofficial whip-wielding personal trainer) and I have to say it was an interesting and fun experience! I always thought gyms seemed so unnatural.. running upon mechanical treadmills lined in rows and rows next to strangers paradoxically getting somewhere but getting nowhere, probably focusing more on the hot guy/girl working out in the corner of your eye who is also sneaking glances at the hot guy/girl working out in the corner of their eye, making your weight training (and grunting decibels) an unsaid competition with the people around you, etc. Why not just go for a jog around the park? It’s free and you get some wind on your face. But the uni gym we went to was chill – music playing, people in twos or ones generally seeming to enjoy themselves on their personal regimes. Very non-threatening (not that you’d give a fluff once you were a sweaty, shaky mess with hair errwhere crawling to the changing room like Samara from The Ring)!

We did high intensity interval training (HIIT) and I became acquainted with my new worst enemy best friend: Miss Burpee. She really is a killer monster when you first meet her but apparently she warms up to you and even helps you get a brand-spanking, spank-worthy new bod. Some warm-ups, customised cardio sets and much laboured breathing/gasping/groaning later we were done and I felt a mix of relief, embarrassment and self-satisfaction. I’m reminding myself that whenever you try something new, you’ll be more like this than that, and that even the best started out as the worst. It’s only a matter of practice ( = effort + time) before you get more confident and skilled at it.

Today, Saturday/Day 2, we met up again and with another friend before 9AM to work out at a residential park. It was nice to see others working out and smiling encouragingly but soon my muscles as well as skin was burning and I wished I was in the air-conditioned gym. It was basically a replay of yesterday (warm-ups, different cardio sets, much gasping and flailing) but I actually felt it was a tiny bit yet still noticeably easier – improvement already! I’ve already decided that this physical fitness thing will be a life-long commitment, but I’m even more determined now to keep it up because I’ve gotten evidence that it gets easier, and it’d be such a waste to start from square 1 again.

After that I went for another walk/jog with my lovely mother at Wilson Park. We’ve been meaning to exercise together while she’s here, and we bought matching running shoes that we finally unboxed today. The park is right off Silverwater Road and Parramatta River and part of the Sydney Olympic Park. It’s amazing to think that only some decades ago it was a huge dump, literally. Toxic too with the gas and chemical plants that used to be there. It’s not fully redeveloped yet but it’s a whole new grassy, family-friendly haven, with great views of the river and skies. There are playgrounds and barbeque areas with plenty of seating, as well as an eatery and kiosk, you can also rent a bike and there are rolling hills, more than enough grass and space. Definitely worth a family visit~

When we arrived it was blindingly sunny with bright blue skies and a cool breeze (not an uncommon Sydney winter’s day), but it soon became cloudy and then a gigantic mass of rainclouds came and drizzled down. We headed back and sought shelter under the kiosk for a minute, then decided to head home – when we were driving away it was all sun and blue skies again.

It just made me think..

There is a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3), and every season comes to pass. Don’t give up easily or quickly, because the sun is coming just around the corner.

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