One Fine Harajuku Day

Tokyo ’13 Photo-diary Part 4: Takeshita Dori, Harajuku

Welcome to Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori!


I'm coming back for you!
I shall return for you!


ate more of these Yukimi Daifuku (ice cream in a chewy mochi/rice cake layer) than I could count!
ate more of these Yukimi Daifuku (ice cream in a chewy mochi/rice cake layer) than I can shamelessly say


a kitsch and cute souvenir store I love
a kitsch and cute souvenir store I love


takoyaki (octopus balls) time!
takoyaki (octopus balls) time!


crêpe battlefront: Angel's Heart vs Marion Crêpes
crêpe battlefront: Angel’s Heart vs Marion Crêpes

hara37-38output_biUZMihara41-42hara43itadakimasu!~ ❤❤hara46hara47

Takeshita Dori/Street is another place I find myself in each time I’m in Japan, not only because of its own quirky, carefree charms but because it’s situated close to Yoyogi Koen/Park and Meiji Jingu/Shrine – possibly my favourite shrine visited thus far. A separate photo-diary and post about it to come!

“Harajuku” was and is a place and unofficial synonym of amalgamated youth, freedom of creative expression, and style. From punk rock to sweet lolita, hip-hop casual to vintage threads, there are many individual and internationally-known stores that line Takeshita Dori and the nearby area. The people who shop here are usually dressed in such themes, or in funky, completely individual (and sometimes confusing) ways, but this time round the majority of people I saw were high schoolers in uniform and young adults in casual clothing. Very few people were done up in the eccentric outfits that have become a stereotype of Japanese youth, which was a tad disappointing.

The clothes, shoes, and accessories sold are reasonably priced, but not as cheap or diverse (in terms of style, quality and pricing) as in Shibuya or Shinjuku which are places I’d definitely recommend for shopping. You’ll still find a lot of popular trends and unique accessories, so come by to experience one of the most popular streets in Tokyo and find something to suit your taste. You’re bound to gain some style and colour inspiration from shoppers and made-up mannequins. Cafés and eateries also await your tired legs and heavy arms/hands. Personally, the crêpes sold by several shops (not as many as before) are enough reason to drop in!

More about Harajuku:


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