Take-off to Tokyo

Tokyo ’13 Photo-Diary (Part 1):




Long time no post, whomever you are dear reader ~

My first clinical placement of final year has been a rollercoaster ride, and I cannot wait until Saturday when I finally get to sleep past 5:20AM.. that is unless I continue to have paranoid dreams nightmares about being late (since we’re not allowed to have make-up hours apparently, what!?!?!!) or doing a procedure wrong or forgetting to do something important for a patient..! Waking up every 45 minutes and sleeping a total of 3 hours for a full-on 8.5 hour shift is not fun.

I could most definitely do with a bit of a breather, especially with all the drastic changes in my life, but reminiscing on previous getaways will have to do for now. It took me almost 2 hours to figure out how to properly show the .GIF file in the second photo – but I’m slowwwly getting better at this!

This is the first (of several) photo-diaries of my 6 day trip to Tokyo with my lovely mother in February earlier this year. It was my 5th time and my mother’s 2nd time travelling to this magical modern-day wonderland, but our first time together, and it was just dreamy being back. Japan has an inexplicable ability to flash and hint different facets of its incredible, diverse natural and cultural landscapes (and soundscapes and “emotionscapes”). It’s same same but always grandly different, and I don’t think I could ever, ever be left unstirred by the country. The more I travel there, the more I learn and experience and crave to be back! Each trip is so unique and memorable.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pack my camera battery charger (since I ALWAYS forget something important!) so I don’t have photos from the whole trip :’ ( but I was more than happy with my camera’s battery life considering how much I used it. Also, for once in my life I’d like to leave home, arrive to the airport, and get on my flight without unreasonable, unforeseen drama!

More to come : )


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