Matcha Medley



matcha anmitsu & matcha shiratama parfait
matcha anmitsu & matcha shiratama parfait


If you’re like me, you love green tea. The real, shock-green, strongly flavoured, bittersweet matcha – not just the sweet “green tea” flavoured desserts that have been gaining popularity in Sydney over the years. So when my friend suggested catching up at “the new green tea place” my interest was piqued – a traditional Japanese teahouse perhaps? Can I whisk my own matcha?!

Not exactly. But far from being disappointed, I was pleased with the range of drinks and desserts that incorporated matcha and other classically Japanese ingredients and flavours, like azuki, yuzu, and mochi. However simply or grandly you want to enjoy matcha, there’s something at Chanoma to suit your tastes. There are also the usual coffees and some teas if, for some strangeeee reason, you don’t feel like matcha. The pastel green, grey and beige colour scheme and rustic decor is casual and relaxing. There’s also a hot-dog menu, which I’ve yet to try, and you can observe them being made in one corner of the shop.

I was in despair when I first saw the shop though, because it’s where my beloved Azuma Patisserie used to be. I’d spent many an afternoon there unwinding in the comfort of friends, chiffon cake, and the best green tea latte served in Sydney.. how could it go out of business during the months I was away?! It turns out they’ve moved – only across the street, whew~

With such a diverse medley of reasonably-priced matcha goodies there’s no reason to hold back. Not the best I’ve tried, but more than decent enough to fulfil the cravings! Do try the parfaits (aka Greedy-Guts Choice) as it is harmoniously layered with almost everything and is a textured delight. I must admit I’ve been back a few times for the matcha soft serve and different frappes. It’s also a perfect location for dessert since the whole floor of Regents Place has turned into a mini Tokyo with the Japanese eateries and decor. The only downsides are the disposable wooden cutlery that chafe the corners of your mouth, and the plastic cups that do nothing to insulate your dessert/drink from the heat.

Contact Chanoma: 

  • 501 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
  • (02) 9266 0667
  • Chanoma Cafe on Urbanspoon

One thought on “Matcha Medley

  1. Nice post! I went back a second time to try the hot dogs; they are a deliciously sinful snack. Highly recommended for the indulgent 🙂

    P.S. Agreed about the cutlery. The cuteness kind of makes up for it. Kind of!

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