Watermelon Keratin


Getting my nails done at a beauty salon is a rare pampering session. To be honest, I don’t particularly enjoy it or feel it justifies the price tag.. I can fully appreciate the intricate skills of nail artists and understand why people may love to go, though. I guess I’d just prefer spending that money on food instead lol. It kind of feels like a commitment too since you tend to need to go regularly to remove it or get infills, receive cuticle care, etc. Same with makeup – not only do you have to put it on, you have to maintain it, do touchups, and finally remove it.. ugh, tooooo much effort. Most of the time I’m about as feminine as a true blue bogan man, is that bad?

When my nails were finished, I barely recognised my hands (for days afterwards in fact). I have to say I really liked how they turned out – not only because the watermelon-salmon pink and large glitter bits are so pretty, but because the gel/shellac has stayed almost perfectly almost 3 weeks later! Absolutely no effort required. I’m definitely impressed since when I manicure my nails with normal polish, I get chips within 2 days.

I wonder how manicures and pedicures even came about.. it’s so strange what humans have thought up to be ingrained in society as “beauty”. Anyway, I did feel slightly girlier after having the shiny stuff painted on the ends of my phalanges. Still exploring and loading the acceptably feminine version of me with the help of my guru girl friends – buffering is happening at a glacial pace though :3


3 thoughts on “Watermelon Keratin

  1. Baby you took great photos, im very impressed and very proud at the fact you’re actually utilising ur blog effectively.

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