Byeonsan Buan Baby!

I’ve been awake 55 hours and counting.. all-nightered for an assignment, sigh ~~ all-nightered 3 nights ago too, for no good reason. My insomnia is really getting out of hand. Wouldn’t I be at least a little sleepy by now? I don’t even know..

It’s raining now, and forecast to rain for another week. Listening to Winterplay and Studio Ghibli’s ‘All That Jazz’ album 1 and album 2 ~ I was never really into jazz but I guess it’s a shift in taste – like how I’m actually beginning to not only attempt to eat, but enjoy seafood (read ‘salmon’.. ‘only salmon’)!

Speaking of seafood (getting seasick nauseous) this is my photo-diary from an overnight getaway to Byeonsan with my mummy, darling little Anna (she is the smartest, most courteous and hard-working child I have EVER met. I want a daughter just like her. If you are reading this, Anna, HELLO!!~ I miss you so!) and her lovely mother whom I was so blessed to have in my life when I was living in Korea back in 2009. Thank you so much for organising this trip! ^___________^ 행복 했어요~ 많이많이많이많이많이 보고 싶어요!!

Byeonsan Photo-diary:



Byeonsan is a raging tourist area in the summertime (as ALL the coastal areas of South Korea are) but it was mid-winter when we came so the area was almost a ghost town. The cliff-hugging drive from Buan to our lodgings at Daemyung Resort in Byeonsan featured awesome, vast views of the ocean on one side and forests and farmland on the other. If you look on the map of Korea, you’ll notice the west and south coasts are jagged and littered with small islands, while the east coast is much smoother. Byeonsan is on the west coast, and the all-time most popular beach in SK would be in Busan – the place most like Sydney in terms of beaches, atmosphere, and lovely locals.

We headed into the town after unpacking for an early dinner and had a seafood feast! Yay for normal people! Nay for me o___o We ate about 30 different dishes featuring a myriad of little grotesque monsters delicacies from the ocean at a restaurant right on the shore. If you love seafood, it’s basically heaven on earth – you can find any/everything from the sea, fresh as can be! (So fresh they’re actually alive.. ‘sannakji‘/live octopus, for one)

The resort was quite impressive, and I was more than satisfied with it and our ‘Cloud 9’ room that I shared with mummy. Daemyung Resort is set upon higher ground and is easily the largest building in the area compared to the smaller motels there – it’s actually also a water park! Spaciousness, nice decorations and warm lighting in the building were all pluses. It was also clearly family friendly – there was also a small arcade area, a Lotteria, Holly’s Coffee and a few different restaurants. My favourite was the small-scale supermarket – the best I’ve seen! Stocking a whole variety of snacks and alcohol from Korea and overseas, let’s just say I made more than 1 trip down there. One thing Buan and the neighbouring area is famous for is its variety of mulberry wines, and here they sold interesting mixes I hadn’t seen before. The Water-Plex and spa areas were also great~

I loved how mysterious and almost lonely the location was then, and how the heavy fog continuously rolled in from the sea. I felt that our lovely room which overlooked the misty headland and ocean was perfect for an uninspired thriller/mystery writer. Waking up to muted sounds of the sea and the mist thickly blanketing the air so it was impossible to tell where the waves ended and sky began.. so peaceful.

About Byeonsan and Daemyung Resorts:


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