Blue Moon Mysteries

Once in a blue moon, I see a rabbit.

This rabbit is grey, fat, fluffy, and mysteriously evasive. Because the only times I’ve seen it are on rare occasions sometime around dawn when I’m walking home, I actually wondered if it was part of my imagination.

Recently the mystery was solved!

On my way home I vaguely thought about the rabbit, as I often do, wondering if it’d make an appearance tonight. Just at that moment, I heard a few murmurs of people across the street talking so I turned my head and happened to see the rabbit about a foot away from my feet. I happened to have my camera so I quickly took some photos of it, and someone from across the street laughed, asking if I wanted to buy the car I was standing in front of. I replied that there was a rabbit there, and a lady came across, saying it was “Wing-wing”.

Apparently she bought Wing-wing 5 years ago and has never kept it inside a cage or indoors, so it freely roams around that particular street. She said Wing-wing will let you pat her if you offer it bread. I wonder how it’s never been hit by a car though, or attacked by some of the cats that also stalk that area at night.

Anyway, mystery solved! I’m not crazy and seeing things after all heh.



There’s another “mystery” that occurs once in a blue moon:

I dream incredibly complex, long, and realistic dreams, and the thing that bothers me is that on these rare occasions I wake up feeling.. disturbed and shaken. These rare dreams/nightmares will involve some kind of huge conspiracy, an isolated but amazingly beautiful natural location, strangers, people trying to kill me, and me trying to escape alone or with others. The detail that I dream in is just ridiculous.. and if these rare dreams are any true reflection of my subconscious, I should probably seek psychological help T______T wahhh!


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