Sydney, Seoul, & My Soul

I hate to feel this way, but I have this.. consuming, aching, love-hate relationship with Sydney and Seoul.

I can’t even begin to explain it. I’m lost for words.. The vocabulary I need probably doesn’t even exist. I think it’s something that can only truly be shared and understood by God and myself, and keeping it all between us is fine by me.. He essentially changes my life there.

It’s been a month since I’ve returned and, as always, recalling the memories of my time there feels like thinking about a very long, very realistic dream that I’ve just woken up from.. it’s all happened to me, but not to me.. trying to mentally clutch at each detail from fading and failing to, like water trickling out of my tightly cupped hands.

I’ll be uploading a photo diary of my most recent trip to South Korea. The following is of Day 1, 30th of November 2012 – leaving Sydney for Seoul. Much more to come ~

SK ’12-’13 Photo-diary Part 1:

even being able to arrive at the airport was a miracle.. and was early for once in my life!
even making it to the airport was a miracle.. and was also early for once in my life!


an ocean of clouds
an ocean of clouds


On another note, I am fascinated by air travel. Since an early age I’ve always felt wonder and giddy excitement when taking off, touching down, and the moments in between when you can peer down to the earth from cloud level, or even higher. I just cannot comprehend why most people barely take time to glance out of the windows, or sleep the whole flight through. You are literally hurtling through the sky, crossing continents and oceans! Incredible. How I envy distant future generations that’ll enjoy space travel, passing glowing nebulae and planets.


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