Too Smart For My Own Good

Dang. Seriously. Why am I so clever?

I had a feeling this blog would be a good distraction from real-life activities that need doing – like starting assignments due soon, or actually reading the assignment sheet to begin with, shopping for groceries, taking showers lol.. but.. I never knew it’d be THIS great a distraction – already stumbled across a bunch of new blogs and websites via mine that I’ve been perusing all of today. Literally ALL of today, eep.

It reminds me of when I was sucked into Tumblr last year. I actually try to avoid anything that might be addictive, because God knows (as I surely do) that my level of self-discipline is shamefully low. I don’t have a Tumblr anymore (because I’ve forgotten my username and secret Qs – let’s not forget my shamefully bad memory), or a Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account. Yet(?). In high school, Soompi was my procrastination destination of choice until the “Great Crash” where everything was lost and I gave up on it.

Honestly though, it’s amazing how all of these platforms for sharing content have risen in the past half-decade. The internet realm is so much more than having the world open to us, it’s having the actual mind of every person in the world who shares on it open to us. Obviously some minds, you do not want to read. Consider how many trolls you want to lock away a day. But personally, I’ve been so inspired and challenged by countless strangers and I’m so grateful for that. We’re definitely living in a remarkable era. There’s suddenly no valid excuse. This can be useful (eg: learning about any given subject) or stressful (eg: being expected to be reachable/available by others and connected at all times).

Just thoughts.. I’m making an effort not to jump around too much and kind of explain myself.

Moving on ~  Let me share with you the 2 blogs I’ve consistently followed for the last year or so. Interestingly they’re both Korean women slightly older than myself and have a similar medley of themes in their blogs – photography, fashion, food, lifestyle, creations. The similarities end there, though! Their style of photography, fashion, writing, blog philosophy, everything, are so different and unique. I’ve definitely been inspired by both of these cool cats. Check them out:

:: Blogs ::

To finish, some pictures of beautiful, freshly-picked, strongly scented flowers thoughtfully arranged and gifted to me.



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