Cheers to the first!

Yes, yet another blog is born in the infinite internet universe! The raisons d’être are still slightly vague to me, but keeping this blog would possibly embolden me to share.. myself. Whether that be through words, pictures, music, or art, I want to be much more honest and vulnerable than I am in real life. I also don’t keep a journal anymore so it’d be nice to chronicle and save the bits and pieces of my life here. Ultimately, though, I’d love for this blog to offer some kind of motivation or inspiration or hope for (its? my?) readers. It’d also be interesting to have an interactive kind of blog, with a lot of discussion and following on/building further by others. Not on serious, annoying, and controversial matters but on things of inconsequence, like “Are ebooks better than paper books? Discuss.” or “I finished the first half of this short story/picture/song, someone please finish it.”, etc. Anyway, at the very least, it’ll be a productive side project for when I’m feeling unproductive and uncompelled to do any real work (basically always heh).

Speaking of which, here’s my uni diary that I updated today. Red circles mean assessments. I really, REALLY need to break my habit of starting assignments the day they’re due.. sometimes not being able to finish or finish to my standard then handing it in a day or two late. Sigh..

I should get started.. on something.. anything.. @__@

Third and final year.. woohoo! + sob. Please pray for me – I. will. need. it.

Thank you for reading, you win (a picture of) a big bowl of juicy cherries and my pet friend Terry ~




3 thoughts on “Cheers to the first!

  1. Hey, Jane!!! 🙂
    Good luck on your third and final year! You’ll make it through in one piece for sure. 😀

    Always cheering for you!
    And we never had those planned karaoke + study sesh! Guess we just procrastinated on them like always, hahah.

    Miss you girlie! ♥

  2. Janey baby I love your new blog!!! Its a perfect place to update ur life events, special memories and ur daily recount. Love it

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